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Carebag Medical Grade Bedpan Liner with Super Absorbent Pad, 20 Liners

Brand Cleanis
Category Health and Beauty
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  • Carebag, the gift of comfort and dignity
  • Premium Quality - The multi awarded Carebag Bedpan Liner has improved the life of its users since 1998
  • Unsurpassed Performance - Medical grade & leak resistant. Never clean a bedpan again!
  • Super Absorbent Technology - Converts up to 16oz of body fluids into a gel. No more mess!
  • Eliminate Odor - Upon properly sealing the liner, unpleasant odors are trapped and suppressed!. Securely collect, transport and dispose of biological liquids, infectious or not
  • Better Together - For extra absorption, you may use an additional Gelmax Super Absorbent Pad (sold separately)
  • Accelerated degradation speed vs traditional Plastic! - Our proprietary OB5 additive makes Carebag the ONLY commode liner with accelerated degradation speed in an open environment* as opposed to other alternatives which take centuries to fully degrade and may leave behind harmful residues in the environment

A bedpan brings convenience to its user but who likes to clean it up after use? Rest assured, the CareBag Bedpan Liner will effectively collect and contain any body fluids and better yet: they will be turned into a gel! This is made possible thanks to the super absorbent pad provided inside each bag. When the patient is done performing body functions, the bag is to be sealed using the easy drawstring closure system and disposed of appropriately: Say goodbye to spillage, awful smell and hand cleaning of the bedpan!

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