Martin's Permethrin 10% Multi-Purpose Insecticide 8oz ~ MARTIN'S


Martin's Permethrin 10% Multi-Purpose Insecticide 8oz

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  • Permethrin 10.0%
  • Indoor and Outdoor: Lawns, Cattle Barns, Swine Houses, Milk Rooms, Kennels, Poultry Houses, Horse Barns, Dairies, Milking Parlors, Feed Lots, Stables, Paddocks Homes, And The Nonfood/Feed Areas Of Bakeries, Beverage Plants, Canneries, Flour Mills, Food Processing Plants, Grain Elevators, Grainaries, Hospitals (Non-Occupied Areas), Hotels, Motels, Industrial Installations, Kennels, Meat Packing Plants, Office Buildings, Railroad Cars, Restaurants, Schools, Shipsholds,
  • For initial clean up of severe insect infestation, dilute at a rate of (1) part concentrate in 19 parts water (6.7 ounces per gallon) (0.5%). For normal infestations dilute (1) part concentrate in 100 parts water (1.33 ounces per gallon of water)
Permethrin 10% 8 oz.