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Queen Size Hanna Kay Premium Hypoallergenic Waterproof Mattress Protector - Vinyl Free

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  • NO CRINKLING: Hanna Kay is made with a superb cotton cloth and backed by a waterproof membrane that contains microscopic divots for air to flow through. This sturdy material and design means when you lie down, you won't hear a thing, unlike other protectors that produce cheap, crinkly plastic sounds.
  • PROTECT YOUR MATTRESS: A thin membrane of polyurethane backing guards against stains that could void your mattress warranty. Avoid other mattress protectors that use regular plastics and do not protect as fully, as blemishes come in all shapes and sizes. With Hanna Kay's 100% waterproof mattress protector, you'll be ready for anything
  • SLEEP WITH COMFORT: At the end of your day, you want to feel nothing but comfort between you and your bed. There's a reason Hanna Kay mattress protectors are known as the most comfortable mattress protectors on the market: it's made ultra-thin and with the best material (not bamboo like our competitors, which can cause rashes), so you won't even remember you have it on under your sheets!
  • IDEAL PREVENTION FOR ALLERGY, ASTHMA, AND ECZEMA: Keep dust mites, mold, fungus, and other allergens from taking root in your mattress. We designed Hanna Kay's mattress protectors to keep our customers healthy and clean for years to come.
  • OUR "GOOD-NIGHT REST" 10-YEAR WARRANTY: We stand behind our product-our mattress protectors don't make noise when you sleep on them, and they keep you cool, protected, and dry. If for any reason you stop loving your Hanna Kay mattress protector simply return it for a 100% no-questions-asked refund. Also available in Twin, Full, and King sizes. So click "ADD TO CART" with no risk today!
Does your mattress protector make it sound like you're sleeping on a big diaper?

Tired of Mattress Protectors that Don't Perform As Well As You'd Like or Are Less Comfortable Than You Imagined?

Introducing Hanna Kay's SILENT and 100% waterproof, hypo-allergenic mattress protectors!


Nobody wants to feel like they're trying to fall asleep on a giant plastic bag. Hanna Kay's queen mattress protector utilizes a unique polyurethane membrane bonded onto cotton terry tops to prevent crumpling and noise, ensuring your sleep isn't interrupted by a case of the crinkles. Unlike others who just use plastic or a thin polyester top, Hanna Kay provides soft protection that lasts and lasts.


Lasting peace-of-mind comes standard with every Hanna Kay mattress protector. Microscopic holes in the membrane layer allow Hanna Kay mattress protectors to circulate air while blocking liquids and allergens. This breathability dissipates body heat and helps maintain your most comfortable sleeping temperature.


There's a lot of cheap junk on the market, and ordering a product only to find that it fails when you need it most can drive you foolish. Our mattress protectors are guaranteed to provide the same stellar level of protection the first day as they will after you've been enjoying them for years. When you want the assurance of a brand name you can trust, you can rely on Hanna Kay®.

We make Amazon's most comfortable mattress protectors to sleep on by providing the highest-quality materials on the market, so do NOT sleep on giving Hanna Kay® mattress protectors a try! Click "Add to Cart" risk-free, and sleep soundly knowing your health and mattress (and its warranty) are safe and sound.