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Kopaka Travel and Outdoor Camping Sheet Sleeping Bag Liner

Brand Kopaka
Category Sports
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  • DESIGNED FOR YOUR TRAVELS: With a considerable design, and versatile size and weight, you can take this sleeping liner wherever you go. Easily stow the sleeper in the included storage bag. While this travel sheet is portable and light enough to take on backpacking trips, as well as camping, hiking and mountaineering adventures, it is also super cozy you'll want to use it in your home as well!
  • UNPARALLELED INSULATION: Use these type of liners alone as an independent sleeping bag, or add some extra insulation to your down sleeping bag. The rectangular shape will fit inside both mummy and rectangular sleeping bags. Keeps you comfortable and warm throughout the night whilst travelling, camping and more. Warm-to-touch, and the slightly fuzzy texture provides added warmth and comfort in all conditions.
  • DOUBLES AS A BLANKET WITH A FULL-LENGTH LOCKING ZIPPER: This sleepliner can be fully unzipped for use as a cover or snuggie. Snuggle up with your partner or best friend to keep even warmer! These zippers will not snag, ensuring smooth and reliable operation.
  • SWEAT THE LINER AND NOT YOUR SLEEPING BAG: Being machine washable, this liner is very easy to care for. Extend the life of your sleep sack by minimizing washing. Down sleeping bags should especially avoid constant cleaning. Instead, use a liner to protect the inside of your bag from dirt and sweat.
  • STAY WARM AND SLEEP TIGHT - LIFETIME SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: All original Kopaka products come with a LIFETIME guarantee. If you experience ANY problems with these liners FOR THE LIFETIME OF THE PRODUCT, contact us and we will refund every penny of your purchase, and ship you a new liner FREE of charge. AMAZON CUSTOMERS SAY: I should have bought one years ago!

Stay warm and sleep tight with the Kopaka Sleeping Bag Liner

While traveling and camping, your sleeping liner will be your best friend! Let the Kopaka sleeping bag liner protect both you and your sleeping-bag during any outdoor conditions!

Your sleeping bags, whether they be down filled, or are simply big and heavy, are not easily cleaned. On the other hand, this ultra-light bag liner can be easily washed anytime! All you have to do is toss it into the washing machine. A linner will save you time and energy, as it dries much quicker than a sleeping bag, and in addition you will extend the life of your sleeping bag as you protect the inside of your bag from dirt and sweat.

These liners offer generous space to move around and stretch your legs. With a full length locking zipper feel free to use the liner as a blanket!

Fold the sleeping liner into the included carry bag for convenient storage or portability.

A couple more things you should know:

These liners are machine washable as follows: Maximum water temperature for washing should be +86°F (30°C). Do not bleach or use harsh chemicals. Put on delicate cycle, and air dry, or tumble dry only in low heat. Do not iron.

This is a NO RISK Purchase: All Kopaka Products are backed by a Hassle Free 100% Premium Lifetime Guarantee with a personal commitment from our company to ensure YOUR satisfaction!

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