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Coffee Maker, HAMSWAN K Cup Single Serve Coffee Maker Ground Coffee and Coffee Capsules 2 in 1 Automatic Coffee Machine (Black)

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  • HAMSWAN CM-1177B Coffee Maker boasts its easy use, 2 in 1 brewing between ground coffee and capsules, stylish and compact appearance and quick brewing
  • 【Ground coffee and capsules】Richer functions and more convenient and easy use with the built-in metal filter screen and capsule box compatible with various capsules including K-cup packs
  • 【Automatic cleaning and detachable drip tray】you can start the function of automatic cleaning by pressing the two keys at the same time and detachable tray makes cleaning easier
  • 【Designed for safe use】The body temperature of coffee maker is lower than others for having double walls. It will automatically cut the power and the indicator light will turned off when the water is not enough in water tank to ensure safe use
  • 【NTC temperature control】To enable the best water temperature for brewing coffee, the water output starts to deliver for brewing when the water temperature reaches the best brewing temperature set by the machine. And we offer a 365 days quality guarantee against defective parts. If have any problem or need please feel free to contact our Customer Service
Product Features
HAMSWAN CM-1177B Coffee Maker boasts its stylish finish and personal size, multifunction with ground coffee and capsule brewing, automatic cleaning and quick brewing.
Product Specifications
• Working voltage: 120V
• Power rating: 1000W
• Tank capacity: 420ml
• Size: 136mm*185mm*295mm
• Weight: 1.15kg

Packing List
• 1 x CM-1177B Coffee Maker
• 1 x User Manual
Points for Attention
• Avoid pressing Brew Chamber Release button or open the top cover when brewing coffee.
• Avoid sink the coffee maker into water or other liquid, or flush the machine.
• The coffee maker is only for brewing capsules and ground coffee, avoid using it for other purposes.
• Avoid dry heating operation.
• Avoid disassembly, repair or reconstruction. Contact customer service if needed.
• The temperature permitted by this coffee maker is between 5℃ and 40 ℃.
• Ensure fully fill the water tank before you first plug the power plug into the power outlets.
• Ensure the water tank is full of water before you make the first coffee.